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Curated by Owen Duffy


August 26 - September 21, 2017

Opening Reception: Saturday, August 26 (6-8pm)


How can art be special when it can be anything? In his book Love and Other Technologies, media theorist Dominic Pettman proposes we can understand ourselves -- contemporary subjects clichéd by endless media feeds, borderless worlds, and ambivalent relativism -- in terms of whateverbeing. As whateverbeings, we perform an existence without qualities, or with “qualities so interchangeable and obvious that they erase all identity.” Whateverbeing permits a sense of freedom, a liquid personhood through which we can recreate ourselves as desired in perpetuity. Yet whateverbeing also sentences us to a disconcerting genericism that can never be alleviated, despite our best attempts to become something, anything.


This exhibition stakes a claim that Pettman’s whateverbeing finds an uncanny home in contemporary art, a field that contradictorily depends on art’s singular aura and the concept of freedom as a vacuum of infinite possibility. At a moment when universities, museums, and other institutions seek the disruption of art and the rebranding of it as creative entrepreneurship, perhaps we should admit that is difficult to cultivate love for a thing we cannot define.


SEDIMENT Exhibitions Presents:

"Maternity Leave: Para-Natural Pregnancies", by Devin Harclerode + Kristen Sanders


Opening reception on March 3rd from 6-9pm.

Exhibition runs through March 26th.

Gallery hours Friday, Saturday, Sunday 1-6pm.



Maternity Leave: Para-Natural Pregnancies is a collection of six suits that invoke notions of “anti-fertility” and preternatural birth. Exploring various birthing phenomena through myth-making, the outfits work to disintegrate the stigmas, regulations, and narratives surrounding the relationship between having a uterus and giving birth.


With wearable suits as our medium, we give power to the performative identity.


We deconstruct conventional outfit making materials to imagine a fashion that can shift our reality of what giving birth means. Our labor is interested in appropriating “women’s work”, emphasizing its gendering and selling ready-to-wear accessories to subvert the unpaid status of domestic and reproductive labor.


The collection examines how pregnancy and birth distorts and redefines what is human and thus what is “femininity”. The aim is to shift the stigmas in the positive by investigating phenomena such as sci-fi human-alien hybrid birth, fetus mutation, Hippocrates’ treatises on infertile woman, female hominid ancestors, ancient birth control, and witchcraft.

Ultimately, our suits embody characters that evoke the prehuman, the human, and the para-human - considering metaphorical fertility as something fluid and something to weaponize.


Come see Maternity Leave with cash in hand to buy the ready-to-wear accessories with your contributions going to the Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project ( to fund abortions for those that otherwise would not be able to afford them!


Items for sale imaged below!

Sweaty Mother Slow Groove is going back to where she belongs - the swamps of Miami for Borscht 10! Sweaty Mother Slow Groove will be screened at the #nobrozone event!

Heave.html 's Debut at Slayer Gallery for Hot Water December 2016 ! Also check out my Feautured Artist Interview with the Slayer crew - available to read here!

See a still from Virtual Mystic accompanying Sarah Rupp's love tome "Second Simone" on GUTS!

RE/NIGHT/LIVE/MARE re- considers your nightmares; re- examines your daydreams; re- contextualizes pre-existing (video art? videotaped performance work? found footage?) through re- presenting, re- editing, re -mixing. Featuring works that re- search, re- consider, re- examine, re- contextualize nightmares, daydreams, flying-fancies, hyper-realities. Also included: live re- mixing pre- existing work with new live footage to re- consider it in under the cold, hard, clinical (or soft warm fuzzy *wicked grin ) light of the telematic screen.


RE/NIGHT/LIVE/MARE includes work by Alejandro Sajgalik, Antonio Anton, Arthur Tuoto, Blanca Rego, ChanHee Choi, Chris Collins, Dakota Gearhart, Danielle Zorbas, David Ian Griess, Devin Harclerode, DSK (Juan Lesta & Belén Montero), Don Anahí, Eden Mitsenmacher Tordjman, Francesca Fini, Heejin Jang, Isabelle Frances McGuire, Jan & Dave, Janelle VanderKelen, Jen Clay, Katya Yakubov, Lana Z Caplan, Lauren Kimball-Brown & Julia Zinn, Lauren Valley, Leslie Rogers, Lili White, Lori Felker, Maddie Hewitt, Manuela De Laborde, Mark Kent, Nowhere Mountain, Paul Wiersbinski, Richard Haley, Tommy Becker, Usumurasaki Kana, Jet Lag (Vivian Ostrovsky), Yvette Granata, and Zachary Epcar.


ATHICA'S next show opens Saturday, August 13 from 7:00-9:00 PM! Special guest Alice D will be present as we celebrate the influence of cult filmmaker, artist, and Pope of Trash, John Waters on ten contemporary artists.




AUGUST 18: Third Thursday--Electronique 808 @ ATHICA

8 bands @ 8pm

Live music begin promptly at 8:08, performances from Genetic Outcast, Smokedog, SoBrite, ATL musician Rin Smith (also of Rin Larping), L'or, Tann Jones, Group Chat, YUNG YANG, Heat Sureens. This event is free but there is a suggested 8$ donation (almost the same cost as a gross smoothie from smoothie king that you basically drove across town for, but it wasn't good anyways so you didn't even finish it) -- donation goes straight to the musicians and to help ATHICA to continue to keep bringing us awesome events like dis in the future.


SEPTEMBER 29 at 8: Concert featuring renowned electric bassist Michael Manring with Killick Hinds, guitar & Jamie DeRevere, drums (the Vectrexcentricity trio).


"Sweaty Mother Slow Groove" opens on April 29, and will be up for a month at The Anderson Gallery (907 W Franklin St, Richmond, VA 23284)


Short write up by Owen Duffy for the exhibition catalogue: Devin Harclerode’s world-making digital video installation, Sweaty Mother Slow Groove, casts the swamp as a mythic space through which we can imagine productive alternatives free of hierarchy and patriarchy. Projected on a sickly green and entangled mangrove structure, Sweaty Mother Slow Groove leads us through four parts of a CGI saga. First, the origin, in which a lichen is born from a masked figure and begins its life as a virtual humanoid. In part two, Harclerode’s “moldy sun” is inverted by the lichen and transformed into shadow. Next, genderless warrior frogs fight flesh-toned phalluses that look like cypress knees. Finally, the duality between the virtual and physical breaks down as the “bodymorph,” our masked figure from the beginning--both goddess and cyborg--becomes self-conscious in the swamp. Always in flux, the swamp is a place where reproduction and decomposition happens at the same time, one can never be certain how deep it is, and the water is both salty and fresh. The intersectionality of the swamp provides Harclerode with a liberating model to reconjugate what it means to be human and elude dualities. Powered by cyber-feminism and do-it-yourself digital animation, Harclerode choreographs a complex cosmology, speculating a future without binaries.

"Reminiscence of an OUTFIT Wearer" in the exhibition catalog for Fawn Krieger's OUTFIT at Soloway in Brooklyn. Read the pdf here.

THOUGHT TO PROCESS at the Depot Gallery this Summer in June!

"Thought to Process," an exhibition made possible by the Space Grant program at The Depot Gallery. "Thought to Process" exhibits the work of eight VCUarts Painting and Printmaking MFA students.



CANDIDACY in a 16,000 sq. foot old Philip Morris tobacco drying warehouse - southside of Richmond


Collaboration with Jordan Marty (


All dressed up with no where to go. Already Been Chewed unfortunately could not make the trek to North Carolina due to financial reasons, but was happy to be juried in!


Already Been Chewed will be on display in North Carolina for Mending: New Uses for Old Traditions between February 27 through April 4, 2014. Come see it -

Mending: New Uses for Old Traditions


530PM - 730PM


Deptartment of Art & Art History, UNCW

601 S College Rd., Wilmington, NC 28403


'Mending: New Uses for Old Traditions is a southeastern regional exhibition sponsored by the University of North Carolina Wilmington Department of Art & Art History featuring work created with or about traditional media or representations of women. This exhibition is being held in conjunction with the 2014 Southeastern Women's Studies Association conference hosted by UNCW's Women's Studies and Resource Center (WSRC). A reception will be held on Friday, March 28 from 5:30 - 7 p.m. in conjunction with the 2014 Southeastern Women's Studies Association conference hosted by UNCW's Women's Studies and Resource Center (WSRC).'

Solo Exhibition - Glory Hole


7PM - 9PM


439 south main st

Gainesville, Fl, 32601